Work with us!

Blogs like us are always promoting others, so why not promote each other and grow our readerships so that in turn the artists we promote will be exposed to a greater audience. So what do you say? Let’s work out a deal!

How it works…
Cross promoting one another is a free alternative to traditional paid advertising. Instead of your blog being in an ad section and being seen by anyone, even those who may not be interested in art, Your blog’s shout-out will be seen as a recommendation from another blog that art enthusiasts already read and trust. Who’s more likely to follow your art blog than those who already read other art blogs like our’s? It’s simple. Get seen by those who count for free just by promoting us back.

Our current stats:

Twitter – 16,000+
Instagram – 3,000+
Facebook  – 700+
Tumblr    –   300+
Wordpress – 400+

How to get started…
You have our current standings, now we need your’s… Let us know which of your social media channels you wish to promote out of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr as well as how many followers you have on each channel and we’ll propose a shout-out plan that is as equally beneficial to us both and see what you think. If all goes well, we would love to continue working together with you and your blog.

Jung Katz Team