Project Submissions

We are looking for creative projects that are worthy of a feature all of their own.

Please send the following required pieces of information to  your name, what you do, a link to your project, and anything interesting and relevant about you or your work, and put Project Submission in the subject line. Please keep your email brief, including only a couple sentences. If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting, than your submission was not received and you may need to check the email you sent it to.

Do not send us your work if you do not own the rights to it, it’s just regular artwork (please submit to the interview section if that’s the case), it’s not visually driven or musically driven, or if it’s commercial.

If your submissions is accepted, all that we ask is that you share the interview on the social media channels you have once it’s published. We’ll be sure to promote the article on our channels as well. You want exposure, and we want to grow our readership so that we can provide future artists with as much exposure as possible. What goes around comes around. And who knows, maybe someday that future artist will be you again when you submit new work to us.

Have a creative friend who would be a great fit for Jung Katz? Send them a link to this page!

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