Art Blog Artist Submission for Feature Publicity on Jung Katz

Looking to get your art featured on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter? We’re always looking for new artists or even guest-post-writers! Just follow us and submit using the form below. We just ask that once your feature is published, that you share it on your social media pages as well. That way we are able to grow our readership further and can provide even more publicity to the future artists we feature. Who knows! That future artist could even be you again someday, showing off your most recent collection of work.

Please note: if you’d like to do an interview or a guest post as a writer, then the message section of your submission should be somewhat compelling and interesting (though fairly brief: no more than a paragraph.) Show us that you have something to say that’s different from what everyone else is saying, whether it has to do with your personal story or your perspective on art if you’re an artist. If you’re a writer, still try to make it interesting or at least well structured. However, if you are not looking to do an interview and only want your art featured, then don’t worry about it.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every submission but if we think your work would be a good fit for our site, we’ll certainly be in contact. Also, we will no longer be promoting links to Artists work outside their website link on blog posts. On social media posts we’ll be sure to tag them when able.

If and only if the submission form isn’t working, you may also submit by emailing us at jungkatzsubmit (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line, ‘Jung Katz Artist Submission’ .  Please note: adding this email to your newsletter/email list will result in getting your emails marked as spam and your email blocked from contacting us in the future. Anything that isn’t a submission should not be sent to this email, we get enough emails as is to weed through. Thank you in advance.

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