1. It’s recommended that you select only 10-15 questions you’d most like to answer. If you’d like to work offline, a downloadable word document of this interview is available here. Note: Please try avoiding writing any more than 2 paragraphs for any one question, but again… this is just a recommendation. You do what you got to do to get your message across.
    2. Proofread. Though we will check your interview for, and will fix, minor errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, the overall quality of the interview is still largely on your shoulders.
    3. Once you submit your interview, check your email for confirmation that your interview was received. If you don’t find it check your spam folder or wait a couple minutes before contacting us. Then, if you haven’t already, please use Dropbox, We transfer, or email to send us the images we requested.

Feel free to interpret the questions however you like. Try to avoid sounding generic. Instead, answer questions in a way that only you would. Let your personality shine through, for we’re always looking for new and unique perspectives to keep things interesting. Focus on whatever YOU think is most interesting about you, what you do, your story, your method, etc.

Jung Katz reserves the discretion to reject interviews we see as being inappropriate or offensive. If this is the case, we will be sure to email you if we decide not to post your interview. Otherwise, your patience with us getting it published is appreciated.


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