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Jung Katz is a blog for artists and creatives alike. We enjoy putting a face to the artwork and giving artists a voice. Our goal is to promote and entertain independent artists while also giving them the information they need to thrive. Here you’ll find everything from featured artists/makers and products to tips on creative business.

Below is a sampling of what you can expect to see on our site…

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What kind of art do you cover?
We’re not totally down with labeling art, for we believe terms like modern, surreal, and abstract are still too vague to describe truly original work. With that in mind, we try not to limit the type of art we cover so we can keep things fresh. We cover anything that’s truly original or incredibly well done. Though, to be entirely honest, there is still plenty of work that fits within that criteria that we’re not totally down with, such as fantasy and anime. Sorry, folks. Also, we try to keep things fairly gender neutral, but we also believe that makers of both more feminine and masculine work should be celebrated as well from time to time.

How can I submit my own work for consideration?
Just click here to visit our submissions page. Though it’s highly suggested that you read this post first before you submit your work here or elsewhere. If you have anymore questions regarding submissions, check out out submission F.A.Q. here.

How can I contact Jung Katz for reasons unrelated to submissions?
Visit our contact page here.

How often do you post?
We generally post everyday during the work week.

How can I follow along?
‘Cause why subscribe to magazines when you can read blogs for free, am I right? Pick your poison from the buttons below, my friend… We’d be happy to entertain you on your lunch breaks. Have a friend that would be interested in our blog? Send them over too! We’ll make it a double date.


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