My two greatest passions are: art and business. I never could decide which one I wanted to pursue more and throughout school, it always felt like I had to decide between these two fields which at times seemed at odds with each other. I didn’t want to give up my passion for business or my passion for art.

While I was deciding, I met my close friend Joey Souza who is a very talented and interesting artist. The could do realism effortlessly from the time he was 14 yet chooses to do absurdly wonderful and crud cartoons instead which makes sense considering he has such artistic idols as R. Crumb. Since I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I asked him, “if you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?” His answer? “Cartoons.” He told me that he liked cartoons but animation seemed to difficult. Which in hindsight is like a joke. He’s by far one of the most intelligent people I know who can pick up any skill that he puts his mind to in a way that makes it seem almost effortlessly. Moral being: don’t underestimate yourself. Anyways! Being the super duper supportive friend I am (at least to him) I took his drawings (which were radically different back then, then they are now and I uploaded them to Etsy to be sold as prints. After selling some here and there, he graduated to screenprinting patches and selling paintings.

I made him social media accounts while I studied business like crazy. It was a period of a lot of trial and error. We both learned a lot together. Over the years I worked closely with him, he had a lot of cool opportunities come his way. Such as selling an original painting on a skateboard deck to the Vice President of Cartoon Network which led to a personal tour of the studio by him while visiting L.A. He also starting doing work as an animator for a site he had been a fan of since he was a teenager. And he also designed tour merch for a musician that he was a fan of since before I met him. And that’s just to name a few, honestly, it’s getting hard for me to remember it all at this point.

We know live hours apart but remain close. He continues to get a lot of cool projects to work on like designs for a quirky donut place in Australia and a lot more band merch. And I continue to nag him about the business moves I think he should pursue. But he’s between his art and playing in bands himself, he’s a pretty busy guy nowadays. The fulfillment I get from seeing him grow as an artist is surreal. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over the years just helping him, which I have been able to since apply to my own projects such as Jung Katz. Since working with Joey, I noticed that a lot more artists could use help with the business end of things, which has a lot to do with why I created Jung Katz in the first place. back in 2014. I created this blog both to give artists the publicity they deserve for their hard work but also to write articles to serve as resources specifically for the working artist.

Though I’m a creative individual myself, professionally I prefer to stick to creative business schemes rather than art itself as a business. I enjoy creating but much more as a hobby on occasion than regularly as a daily grind. My latest business project is Mau Katz, a retail site specializing in Modern Cat Furniture. Can you tell I like cats, business, design, and supporting the creators of the world yet? And I have so many more projects on my mind that I have yet to begin. Not all of them have to do with cats, but the majority of them have to do with business and art or curation. Currently, I’m studying Facebook marketing and Google Adwords. And when I hone my marketing skills further, I dream of opening up an art agency eventually.

And that’s my -and the blog’s- story.

-KC Webb
Creator of Jung Katz