8 Ways to Find Publications to Submit Your Artwork to

8 Ways to Find Publications to Submit Your Artwork to

There are many reasons you might be looking to get your art featured in a publication, such as: to grow your followership (or overall visibility), to network with other creatives, or to sell your work/creative services. Fortunately, most art publications accept submissions which make for great -and usually free- publicity for artists. To find how to submit your artwork to them, you usually just have to look for the fine print. Another easy way to find out how a specific publication accepts submissions is to google the name of that publication with the keyword “submission” after it. But what if you don’t have a specific publication in mind or you already submitted your work to all of the publications you’re aware of? How do you find more of them who might be interested in featuring your work? Below are 8 ways to find new publications to submit your artwork to…


1. Google “artist submit feature” or other similar keywords like “art submission blog.” 

Try different combinations on Google to get more relevant results.

2. Google “list of the best independent art magazines”


3. Google “list of the best art blogs” or “abstract art blogs”, “design art blogs”, etc.


4. Ask other artists what art publications they like, whether it be online or print.


5. Go to bookstores with magazine sections like Barnes and Noble.

This will give you an idea of different art magazines to submit your artwork to. Look for the fine print usually in the first or last few pages of the magazine for directions on how to submit your artwork to them for consideration.

6. Follow art publications on their social media pages.

Sometimes when you do this, sites like Facebook or Instagram may recommend other similar publications to follow. You can use their recommendations as leads. Did we mention you can find Fung Katz on Instagram (@JungKatz) and Facebook (@JungKatzblog)? We’re also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. ;)

7. Find artists whose work is somewhat similar to your own in appeal.

Look at their professional Instagram and Facebook pages that they use for their art (if they have any) to see if they mention any publications that they have previously been featured in. You can also sometimes find this information in the press section of an artist’s website. If this is an artist who has a similar style or appeal to your own, then a publication who was willing to feature their work may also be willing to feature yours as well.

8. Join Facebook groups on art or follow subreddits.

Not just network with other creative individuals but to also ask group members for publication recommendations that may be interested in your art.


One trick to doing this is: don’t waste your -or the publication’s- time. Only submit to publications who feature work of a certain aesthetic that your own artwork would meld well with. There are so many publications out there in this modern digital world of our’s that there’s no reason you should be wasting your time submitting your art to publications who probably won’t publish your work anyways.

Find our art blog, Jung Katz to follow on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter!

Image info: “Jean Lepautre, Ornament, French, 1618 – 1682, etching on laid paper, Gift of the Estate of Leo Steinberg”



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