An Update on Jung Katz – The Disappearance, Reappearance, and an Apology

Jung Katz Old Blog Screenshot Apology Post

Earlier in the year, something unfortunate happened: our site, Jung Katz crashed. Fortunately, we had been backing up the site regularly. Unfortunately, however, when we went to use said backups (unbeknownst to us) they only included text- not images. So now there are many interviews on the site missing their images. You may even notice that the site looks different than it used to.

It’s been a busy year, and Jung Katz is very much a labor of love: a side hobby for me. And until recently, I haven’t had the time to even begin dealing with such a major project as fixing the site will be: manually searching for and adding image by image to each interview. But if you’re an artist who’s interview has been affected by the crash, please feel free to get in contact with me (via the contact page or the same ol’ email as before!) and we can fix your interview. I will be doing my best to find copies of images on my own, but some artists I may have to reach out to personally. Any interviews that I cannot add images back to, I will be hiding from the site until I can fix it. For anyone looking to be featured in the future (even previously featured artists with new work), feel free to submit to us now or when we post a call for submissions on social media in the coming future.

And though none of this was intentional, I’m still sorry and would like to personally apologize. Both to the artists who have been kind enough to share their work and unique perspectives on Jung Katz but also to the readers who care enough to read and take a look at the blog. I’d like to apologize to both parties for not only this accident ever happening in the first place, but it also having taken so long before I’ve had time to do anything about it. I sincerely regret what has become of Jung Katz in this past year and I hope when Jung Katz is restored back to its full glory, you will all continue to still read and submit your artwork to the blog.

Fixing the site is going to be a major project, and not one that’s going to happen overnight (as much as I wish it were that simple.) But I love and miss Jung Katz, and even though I hardly have the time now, either, to begin doing what needs to be done, it’s been long enough- it’s time. Jung Katz will also be different going forward in ways that both are and are not yet decided. It will be an interesting journey creating Jung Katz 2.0 so to speak, and I hope you will be there as readers/on-lookers to see it through with me. I also plan to publish a survey soon so that YOU the reader and artists can tell me what you’d like to see done with the site.

If you want updates on the site then please follow us on one of our social media accounts to be notified of future posts as well as calls for submissions. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+.

Thank you all.

KC Webb
Founder & EIC



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