Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic (NSFW)

How did you get started doing what you do?
By elimination. Since in my family there was no artistic background, the idea to be an artist was pretty scary to my parents. I always wanted to draw. After I failed in studying “serious things” it became clear to everyone that no other solution than Art School was possible.

How would you describe your creative style?
As a personal realism.

What’s your inspiration?
My inspirations is the contradiction, absurdity and beauty of the world that we live in.

Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz

What is art to you?
One of the rare possibility to be free.

What does your typical day look like?
I wake up at 8 am, have breakfast with my wife and then go to my studio. Since the studio is on the 8th floor without an elevator, I stay there all day.

How long does it typically take for you to finish a piece?
I am always working on several drawings at once so it’s hard to determine the exact amount of time for each drawing. Sometimes it can take up to two years to complete a large scale drawing.

Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz

How do you keep motivated?
By working every day.

How have others reacted to your work?
For some people my art is funny and for some it is scary. As Jean Dubuffet said: “Art must make you laugh a little and make you a little afraid. Anything as long as it doesn’t bore.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Art is a big adventure, do not start if you are not sure.

Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz
Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz

Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists who want to pursue a similar career?
Do not waste your time. Start to draw after this interview.

What’s your dream project?
To realize a large scale, monumental drawing ( 2.50 x 15 meters) in a museum in front of the public during one year.

What art supplies do you use?
I am using exclusively 0.9 2B Pentel pencil leads on paper. I like to say 2B or not 2B. Also I use different kinds of paper; Da Vinci, Arches, Canson. I buy large rolls since I prefer to make large scale drawings. In this approach I like the idea that by using minimal tools, I can create a monumental work close to painting.

Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz
Interview with Artist, Davor Vrankic on Jung Katz

What’s your process like?
In most cases, I start drawing directly without a sketch. During the realization I do not use any documents, photos or models because I want to be in complete reconstruction of certain “parallel realism.” When I was doing large scale compositions with a lot of characters, I was often recourse to sketches, but still kept them very simple. A few times I tried to use a photo, but it made me completely blocked, I was carried away by the picture that was not mine. When I start drawing, I want to be in incertitude, not knowing exactly how the drawing will evolve. For this reason the process can be quite long, because often I leave the drawing “open” until some solution arrives. Also, during the process I can change the composition several times before the best solution appears. I like to find myself surprised in front of finished drawing, in a way that my vision emerges directly from the paper.

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