Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic

How did you get started doing what you do?
It didn’t happen intentionally, nor was it mere coincidence. Someone, time ago, of utmost ability, has shown me the path to a spring, at the time of unquenchable thirst, and I had no choice but to drink, to this day. I fear, but hope the spring never dries out.

How would you describe your creative style?
I’ve never given it any serious thought or consideration of committing to a particular style or where to categorize my work, I shall leave that up to the observer and the critics.

Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic on Jung Katz

What’s your inspiration?
The battle between the Good and Evil that’s interwoven into the evolution of the human species has not just been mine, but the inspiration of countless inspired artists before me. The short essay I’ve often used in the past to describe my work best describes it:

“I am a painter of the darkness for a drop of good. Irretrievably, I immersed into the darkest corners of spiritual destructiveness of a human being in hope to describe it, to stay for a while. Humbleness of those who suffer captured my sensibility. I resist not, I seek for the way out. My images tried to be a message, no one replied. Now, they are just a scream and I am not sure anyone can hear it.”

Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic on Jung Katz

What is art to you?
I believe there is no answer to that question. To this the greatest witnesses are those who drink from the purest spring. Who can say from where it comes from and to what it morphs to – that creative sadness, joy, excitement, humbleness, pain, loneliness,…and much more of the same from the gut of an artist. Who can tame the untamable, or describe the indescribable. It is something we hold in our hands, but cannot hold on to, if we try, it simply slips between the fingers. Art is something undefinable.

What does your typical day look like?
My day’s are atypical. My day has began the time I first arrived at the spring, and it is still the same day, and it never repeats. Devotion doesn’t understand time, to it, it is irrelevant. There exists only the surrender and inside that nothing is predefined. Not one day to me resembles another.

Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic on Jung Katz

How long does it typically take for you to finish a piece?
For a painting or drawing it takes me between 2 to 3 months, for sculptures about 4 months.

How do you keep motivated?
My poetics are rooted in Humanity’s destiny, for which can be said is anything but certain, individually or collectively, due to the destructive processes in relations among men, and man and his environment – the greatest responsibility is on us. It’s this analysis of human destructiveness that has become my creative focus and inexhaustible motivator, and the need to witness.

Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic on Jung Katz

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?
I don’t think my work can influence someone to become a better man or change the world to a better place to live in, but I cannot stop this scream. I hope for a world where “nothing is worth a single child’s tear” -Dostojevski.

Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists who want to pursue a similar career?
I wouldn’t use the word wisdom. Wisdom is a characteristic of philosophy, not so much of art. Wisdom in art is a compromise. The honesty in art is the only thing holding you close to the spring, and the belief in the one who brought you there in the first place, but compromises muddy and blur that spring. Therefore, only true devotion to the honesty in creativity brings the promise of creating a great work of art.

Interview with Artist, Mirko Sevic on Jung Katz

What are your thoughts on art school?
Without a doubt schooling is important and useful for creating. It allows one to get to know various art tools and their many uses. It uncovers the secrets of the masters from the past and a great collection of knowledge and experience of the world of art.

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