Interview with Collage Artist, Naomi Vona

How did you get started doing what you do?
I do collages from a long time, I started on 2003, but these kind of works are born here in Ireland. In the past I approached to the collage technique working with fashion magazines cuttings and also making direct interventions on fashion model shots. In 2013 I’ve bought lots of vintage photos and postcards from eBay because I’ve always loved to collect stuff of any kind of material. Once I’ve had hundreds of vintage photos in my hands too, I just thought: why don’t put my collected stuff on them? So I started to play around collages. The result satisfied me so much, I felt really good and I didn’t want to stop anymore.

How would you describe your creative style?
Is a collage basically, but instead of putting together mixed images I start working on an existing photo where I add stuff on.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What’s your inspiration?
All my works are directly part of my personal life experience. I like to create double meanings, play with words and I love to quote songs, books or movies that I love. Lots of my artworks are titled and directly inspired to them.
Every artwork is basically composed of three elements: my life background, my inspirations and subconscious, that is also the glue that puts all together.

What is art to you?
For me art is like air: if I stop now, it’s like to fall down into a black hole.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What does your typical day look like?
When I have a “regular” job, my daily routine is quite busy: I wake up, go to work, then I come back home and have a shower. After that I cook and then eat. Then I start to work as an artist. On the weekends I dedicate more time to my art. Now I am looking for another job so my days are quite and I can focus more on my art. Unfortunately I know that soon I will restart with my super busy routine!

How long does it typically take for you to finish a piece?
It depends on many factors – the dimension of the work, the materials used and the mood. It could take 5 minutes as 3 days to finish a piece.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

How do you keep motivated?
I always try to challenge myself without fear. I accept collaborations with other artists, I keep myself updated to see how art and culture is evolving every day and I try to “jump” into new projects when there is a chance.

How would you say your surroundings have influenced your work?
Everything surrounds me have a quite impact on what I do. It could be a landscape, a TV series or a flashing color that popped up somewhere. I also love to update myself through blogs and see other extraordinary contemporary artists and their works. I am grateful to a lot of them!

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?
I hope that people can read through my works the energy that I try to put on them. I am passionate about art and I hope that this passion can be visualized and appreciated.

How have others reacted to your work?
Every time is fun to see and listen people talking about my works. They use to ask me why I do this and they also say that my art interventions directly on old photos is quite brave. But essentially they seem to be positively impressed by the results (let’s hope so!).

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What do you want others to take away from your work?
The fact that I leave some “clues” on the titles of my works makes me wonder if people can go deep and think about the reason why I choose that title. I like that people can enjoy the work for the colors, the composition or so, but the most important thing to me is also the concept behind. I just hope that once you see what I do you can bring home a thought behind that colorful collage.

What, if anything, would you tell your younger self?
It’s a rollercoaster now, but things will go better, just don’t give up. And another thing: just believe in yourself a little bit more!

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Do not give up.

Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists who want to pursue a similar career?
It’s tough but not impossible. Just keep yourself curious and never stop to learn.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What are your thoughts on art school?
I come from an art high school and then I graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts. Studying in the arts field is a good way to “feed” your passion, but I don’t think that is enough. I also had a lot of collateral art interests that kept my curiosity alive.

Have any future aspirations that you’d like to share?
I don’t know, I would love to do other art collabs with artists, is always a pleasure.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What’s your dream project?
This is a super big dream – to built an imaginary family album of people that don’t know each other and then work on their portraits on big size, as a poster or so. Work on a big project made of big pictures, that would be awesome!

What art supplies do you use?
I use several materials as vintage, found and recycled paper, stickers, washi tape, pens, acrylics, ink and highlighters.

Interview with collage artist, Naomi Vona on Jung Katz

What’s your process like?
I really don’t think too much of what I am doing while I work on collages, it’s a kind of a mix of spontaneous and visionary way to work. It’s an exciting adventure every time I work on something new, because I never know what will come out, which result I will have at the end.

How could the art industry become better in your opinion?
I don’t like the fact that art is just a market in some cases, where people around the artists are more focused on the market possibilities instead of the possibilities to influence the market. Is like fashion, sometimes it seems that everyone wants to follow some trends instead to follow their instincts, and in my opinion this is not good. Once the art industry will be more focused on beauty and the good vibrations connected to art, maybe something will change in better.


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