6 Reasons Why Artists Should Try New Mediums

6 Reasons Why Artists Should Try New Mediums on Jung Katz Art Blog

The benefits to trying a new medium are many, and some even solve common artist woes like creative block. Whether the medium is painting or piano, you’re bound to get something positive out of the experience. Here are 7 reasons to try a new medium…

1. Expand your knowledge as an artist
Knowledge is power. The more you know about the art world, the better you’ll understand artists of different mediums. Learning new things keeps your mind sharp and helps you to become a better and more educated artist.

2. You may just find a hidden talent
You never know if you’re good at something until you’ve tried it. Being the creative type, you most likely have a natural knack for more than one type of medium. Even if you don’t discover it right away, you’re still sure to have some fun trying. If there’s one thing an artist knows, it’s that practice makes perfect.

3. A new way of looking at things
New mediums work as an exercise in creativity by challenging your mind to think in different ways. Exposing yourself to new things is a great way to inspire new ideas, especially when you’re having a creative block. It may work out for the long run as well- you may discover a new trick that can be reworked to fit what you normally do, helping your personal style to evolve.

4. Provides a productive and guilt-free break
When your hobby becomes your job, and that job becomes stressful, a new hobby may be just what you need to relax and get your mind off of things. Creating art should be enjoyable, so take the time to create something that doesn’t need to be sold, satisfy anyone else, or be subject to edits and changes. This allows you to step back and take a break from your usual work while still being productive.

5. Less limitations, more possibilities
As if the possibilities of just one medium weren’t enough, imagine what’s possible when creating mixed media. You could screen print fabric for sewing, or maybe mold some clay to bake and glue onto a painting. The possibilities are literally endless.

6. Expand your audience and opportunities
Experimenting in new mediums can open the door for you to go to new events and meet new people such as art collectors and other artists to sell to, network, or collaborate with.

Or perhaps the best reason of all: if you’re able to try a new medium then there’s really no reason not to. You never know where a new passion might lead you. Even just finding a new passion is a great benefit in itself. So set aside the time and make a commitment towards trying something new.

Image: Cornelis Jacobsz Drebbel after Hendrik Goltzius, Dialectic, Dutch, 1572 – 1633, 1572 – 1633, , Gift of the Estate of Leo Steinberg


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