Artist Interview: Hannalie Taute – Embroidery Artist

Embroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteTell us about yourself, who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?
Hannalie Taute, I’m called by name. I suppose Hannalie is Afrikaans for Hannah, which means ‘graceful’ according to some sources….. still working on that. I’m a born South African, but have been told that I’m from another planet.  I embroider on discarded inner tubes, that I cut apart and then stitch together again to form the ‘canvas’.

How did you get started doing what you do?
In High School I copied cd cover designs onto my schoolbag, pencil case etc. After school I studied Fine Art at P.E Technicon. After that I followed the advice of an Art Professor and started to eat, talk, sleep and dream art.

What’s your inspiration?
Stories, books, music, toys and imagination.

Embroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteWhat is art to you?

What does your typical day look like?
My children are my alarm clock. We eat breakfast together and get ready for school. After I drop them off at school, I’ll stop to buy necessities like toilet paper or things for lunch on my way home. Check emails. Stitch until 12. Fetch the boys at school. If it’s a nice day we’ll go to the beach or the river. Sometimes I play with them, other days I take a small piece to stitch along while they play, and alternatively we do some gardening. In between I dream about new pieces or make notes in my journal. At 5 I start to prepare supper. 6pm their dad gets home, we eat together, bath-time, storytime and by 9 pm me and my husband sit and talk in my studio while I work. When he goes to bed I work until 1am. Sleep.

How do you keep motivated?
I read.

Embroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie Taute

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?
Inspire others. Leave a legacy.

What, if anything, would you tell your younger self?
Don’t try to grow up too quickly

What are your thoughts on art school?
The first rule about art school is we don’t talk about art school.

What art supplies do you use?
Rubber from discarded inner tubes, needle, thread, wood, oil paint, found objects…

How could the art industry become better in your opinion?
I can give you an informed opinion after I’ve finished studying the art industry.

Embroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteEmbroidery Artist, Hannalie TauteWhat’s your dream project?
To be invited to participate at the Venice Biennale and after that…

Any other artists that you would like to recommend for others to check out as well?
I’ll mention 3 male artists whose work I find inspiring: for the love of rubber=Nicholas Hlobo, for the love of embroidery and X-Rays=Matthew Cox, and for the love of thread=Pierre Fouche.

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