Featured Photography Project: CRUSH by Vasilisa Forbes

Vasilisa Forbes PhotographyVasilisa Forbes PhotographyVasilisa Forbes PhotographyVasilisa Forbes PhotographyVasilisa Forbes Photography
About the project:

CRUSH is a visual play on the notion of the sexualised female fantasy, and appears as part of a series together with a video entitled ‘Chronometrophobia’ about fear of time (i.e. change, beauty, age). The series itself looks at our contemporary obsession with both self-visualisation, excess of life and experience, and adoration of the ‘youthful spirit’. In CRUSH the focus is on the visual, and the light, colourful play of an acted out fantasy vision – coloured macs and feminine poses echoing sixties female roles and styles.”

Artist’s bio:
“Vasilisa is an internationally published and exhibited visual artist and photographer. She has been shortlisted for the Bar-Tur Award and is a Sony World Photography Awards Commended and Shortlisted Photographer. Vasilisa self-published a photography book ‘In Silence Are Shadows’ at a young age which was promoted by Dazed Digital and Vision China. Her work has been selected by curators of BALTIC Contemporary Art Centre, Barbican, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris and Saatchi amongst others.

Vasilisa’s practice employs the use of photography and mixed media collage to generate works which extend the dimensions of photography through the form of installation, fusing of opposing disciplines and superposition of visual information, to create an objectified form.

She has acted as a contributor to various UK-based magazines, works regularly with fashion and design brands and fashion editorial and has had works published across both regional and foreign publications as well as acting as Arts Editor to a London-based publication.”

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