Submissions and Feature F.A.Q.

Submissions and Feature F.A.Q. on Jung Katz Art Blog

This list may be updated from time to time as more questions roll in.

How large of a portfolio should I have before submitting my work?
It depends upon the quality and the consistency of your work. Try to only post your best work and to have work that compliments one another. All of your work could be amazing, but if you have slim to none, or your work is all over the place style-wise, we’ll probably not want to feature it.

Simply put, at least have a solid collection of 15 or so AMAZING pieces that go well together.

I didn’t go to art school, can I still submit my work?
Yes! Your work is way more important to us than what university you attended.

I don’t have a large following and am not very well known, will my work still be considered?
Yes! Your originality, skill and professionalism is much more important to us than your following.

Does it matter if I am fluent in English or not?
No, with the help of Google translate, we can edit your interview for you upon request.

Can I submit my work by sending you a link to it via Twitter or another social media site?
No. It will more than likely be ignored. Please follow the instructions on the ‘Submit’ section of our site for best results.

How important is writing a letter when submitting?
So-so. We like to deal with people polite enough to address us and introduce themselves properly and at least say something even if it’s not much. We actually prefer you get straight to the point for your art will speak louder than your email probably ever will unless you say something incredibly interesting like you draw with your feet.

What should I include in my email when submitting my work?
Address us, briefly introduce yourself, say anything that’s interesting but relevant to you and your work, and include a link to your work. All in all, your email should be a short paragraph at most.

Can I submit to more than one type of feature?
Yes! As long as you believe you are a good fit for each one that you submit to and you’re not just spamming us in hopes of landing anything you can. Different work needs to be submitted for each feature you submit to.

Can I submit to the same kind of feature again in the future?
Yes, as long as you have something new to offer.

Can I submit my product to Jung Katz to be considered for inclusion in a featured finds post?
Featured Finds are a hand picked curated feature that is usually theme based, and for that reason, we do not accept submissions for featured finds.

How are my chances of my submission being accepted?
If you’ve made it this far than I’d say probably pretty good. Not only do you know what we’re expecting as well as what to expect yourself, but we’ve noticed that artists who follow instructions well are usually more professional artists. Go you!

How long until I hear back regarding whether or not my submission was accepted?
Generally, you’ll hear back from us within a week if your submission was accepted. On rare occasions, it might take us a little longer depending upon how busy we are.

Will I hear back from Jung Katz if my submission was not accepted?
Due to the number of submissions we receive weekly, we are unable to write everyone back but we encourage future submissions of different collections and projects.

If my submission is not accepted, can I submit work to Jung Katz again in the future?
Yes! As long as it’s not the same project or work sample as before, please do. We love seeing new work.

If chosen for an interview, how will it be conducted?
We’ll send you a list of questions, most of which you are free to pick and choose from to answer only the ones you’re most interested in. We prefer to have the answers back within a week of us sending them to you, but if you need more time, just let us know when to be expecting the interview questions back. It’s a pretty relaxed interview.

How much of my art will be featured in the interview?
It depends upon the size of your portfolio we have to pick from, how much we find that matches our blog’s aesthetic, what ends up looking best format-wise when curating it, and how long your interview is. Usually we shoot for about eight on average but it could be more or it could be less.

Do you pick out the pictures to feature or do I?
We do, but feel free to let us know if any are off limits from the websites you send us.

Will Jung Katz edit my interview?
We edit grammar and spelling upon request. Otherwise we’ll leave your interview in quotes with typos and all.

How soon will my interview be posted?
It primarily depends upon how far out our editorial calendar is booked. Occasionally we will move interviews around to publish artists whose work compliments each other’s closer together. Because of this, we can only give a rough estimate and not an exact date and therefore prefer to just let you know when it’s posted.

Can my work be published elsewhere after it’s featured on Jung Katz?
Of course! It’s your work. We’re just happy you shared it with us.

How will my work be credited to me?
We’ll embed both a link to your primary website as well as to your social media channels that you list within your returned interview questions.

Where all will my work be shared?
We’ll post your work directly on Jung Katz and then share it on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages. Occasionally we might post work on our Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest pages as well. From there, your work may be shared by other users of these sites via such actions as reblogging, retweeting, etc. The post will also show up in our RSS and Bloglovin feed.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment section below.



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