Introducing Tumblr Exclusive Features

Introducing Tumblr Exclusive Features on Jung Katz Art Blog

What are Tumblr Exclusives?
Tumblr exclusives will be short blog posts or “micro-content”, as I’m going to call it, published exclusively on our Tumblr. Though Artists will still be able to have the art published where ever they like, we will personally only publish it on Tumblr. The exclusives are considered micro-content in the sense that they will primarily be visually driven with minimal writing to the post other than a statement, bio, and credit links provided by the artist.

What’s the reason behind them?
We receive a fair amount of submissions throughout the week and we can’t feature or interview everyone on the main blog. So instead, this is a way we can share more content and be able to feature more artists.

We’re currently running six social media channels that we update regularly- usually with the same content. For those of you who follow us on several channels and are seeing the same updates over and over, we’d like to make it worth your while and throw in a little something extra. These exclusives will not be posted on any of our other social media channels.

What type of work will be posted?
The work that will be posted exclusively on Tumblr will be photos of specific projects, or a collection of similar or series works by the same artist.

How do you submit?
Simple, just go to the submit section of our Tumblr blog: There you will find instructions on what information to include with your submission. If you’re not into the whole interview thing, this would be a great alternative for you to still be able to get your work out there.

When will Tumblr Exclusives start being posted?
As soon as we start receiving them, we’ll start posting them. We plan to only post a few a day, so depending on how many submissions we receive, it may be awhile for your’s to get posted after it’s accepted.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Also, be sure to follow us on Tumblr, the only place we’ll be posting these exclusive features. We’re also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Or subscribe to us via our RSS feed or Bloglovin’. Thanks, mate!



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