Artist Interview: Marc Burnett – Vector Illustrator

Marc Burnett

Today, we’re lovin’ these colorful and playful pieces by artist, Marc Burnett.

Tell us about yourself, who are you, where are you from, and what do you make?
“Hi, I’ve just currently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University. I’m from the cold north east of Newcastle and I make vector illustrations using simple shape forms to create my work.”

How did you get started making the type of art you make?
“I gradually started back in college some years ago making simple forms not having an actual style I then started looking at other illustrators and the flow of my work this has gradually got better. An influence with graffiti has helped with the forms of bubbles, dots, squiggles and lines has developed my work. I’ve had inspiration from various artists such as Andrew Groves and adapted these styles into my own work.”

What’s your inspiration?
“I gather inspiration from a variety of things, previous work and simple forms such as leafs, sticks and other found objects. Always having a sketchbook and getting any rough ideas out has helped or a scrap piece of paper to doodle on has helped.”

Marc BurnettMarc Burnett

What is art to you?
“Art to me is something that can be viewed anywhere without any limits and no boundaries. It is also something that has colour and some sort of style attached not so much meaning.”

How have others responded to your work?
“In terms of University others have liked my work when I have printed it out and presented it, I tend to use a quite vibrant pallet for my work which compliments my vector work quite well.”

How do you keep motivated?
“I keep motivated by looking at websites such as Tumblr and Instagram for inspiration, with it being a blog roll which is constantly updated really helps too. I also do Photography as a hobby taking only 35mm shots of things using old camera brands such as Canon, Konica Pop, Praktica and polaroid are some of the makes I own.”

Marc Burnett

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?“I hope to become an illustrator who has loads of cool work under the belt for various big clients and companies. And I hope to have a big fan base of people who like my work.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
“I say the best advice I have been given is always carry a sketchbook with you to document work. All be it I don’t have one on a daily basis with me I do sketch from time to time even if the doodles don’t make sense.”

Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists who want to pursue a similar career?
“I’ve only just graduated but if you want to pursue illustration you should find a ‘style’ which you are comfortable with and works really well and has a ‘flow’.”

Marc BurnettMarc Burnett

What are your thoughts on art school?
“I say go to it, you’d be surprised what you learn there. It’s really handy in finessing your technique and for what you want to in the future. I’ve also learned so much about printing and getting work and experiments done. Also there is loads of fun resources in my university which has Screen printing, Laser cutting, Risograph printers for example.”

What art supplies do you use?
“I currently have a lot of art supplies, these are. Posca’s, Touch twin pens, Pencils, acrylic paints, water colour and most importantly a fine liner and biro pen which I think is fundamentally important to have for basic sketches and doodles!”

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