Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to-Do Lists of the Successful Artist

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to-Do Lists of the Successful Artist on Jung Katz Art Blog

To be successful as an artist you’ve got to work for it, but before you can do that, you’ll need a plan to keep you productive and on track. How are you currently making progress towards your long-term goals each day? Below you’ll find three basic to-do lists that don’t require much time or effort but can make a huge difference over time. Put reminders on your phone to remind you to complete the tasks if you have, it’ll be worth it.

Daily To-do:

Write a simple to-do list for each day the night before
The shorter the list, the more likely you’ll be able to get everything on it done and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Lengthy to-do lists can be very overwhelming and discouraging if you can’t manage to get to everything, so start off small to get a realistic expectation of how much you can do in a day without overdoing it. Starting out, your goal should not be to get tons of work done but rather to fall into a habit that will help you be more consistently productive everyday.

Create something new everyday, no matter how small
It’s great to practice your skills, and creating just for fun can be a great stress reliever. Small projects can also supply regular content to post for your followers on social media.

Talk to other artists
Whether it be at local craft shows or commenting on Instagram, network and take the time to learn from the success and failures of others.

Weekly To-do:

Post new work to social media
Keep your followers interested and engaged in your work.

Search for new inspiration
Find a new artist to follow, or seek out new life experiences. Staying inspired and exploring new territory is crucial to keep your creativity flowing.

Find a new blog to read
Keep up on what’s new in the art world, as well as places that you can submit your artwork to for publicity. Blog post aggregators such as Bloglovin’ make it easy to read posts from all the blogs you follow.

Monthly To-do:

Make a long term to-do list
With the bigger picture in mind, plan out a strategy for moving forward and getting done what you want to accomplish. Evaluate what is and isn’t working on a regular basis.

Submit your work to publications
The more people who see your work, the more well known you’ll become, and the more opportunities will come your way.

To-do throughout the year:

Update your online presence
Keep your brand image professional and consistent throughout all of your social media channels.

Do a promotion
It’s incredibly easy to host giveaways using sites like Rafflecopter. Give participants the chance to gain extra entries by doing simple actions such as liking your Facebook page.

Attend creative events
Attend shows and conventions to sell and advertise your work, as well as make a lot of new fans and friends.

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  1. I really appreciate this and I will like to explore the platform for my art but how dependable is it in marketing artworks from Nigeria to Europe and North America?


    1. Hey Abayomi,

      We’re based out of the United States, so though these are good habits to have in general to help one be successful, this post was written mainly with our own region in mind.



  2. My recommendations: Go back to work that really inspired you and/or you really enjoyed, expand on that work, blog about it. I have gotten into the habit of asking myself, before I take on a new project, “is this going to make me happy, will it bring joy in my life?”. If the answer is yes – I go for it! This helps increase the desire to get started and really helps with getting inspired to do complete the task at hand…Karen


  3. I really liked how this was divided into daily, weekly, and monthly goals – really good advice that makes total sense but is very easy for me to forget. Thank you for the post!



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