Featured Finds: Pastel Patterns

1. It’s like a pattern in a pattern in a pattern. I love this fairly complex piece by Upper Tiny that’s magnificently done with only two colors. It’s busy, yet simple, and completely wonderful.

2. The negative space in this piece by Stacy Haskell is just as interesting if not more so than the positive space. Maybe it’s just me but it reminds me of a vein running across muscle. It’s amazing how the most complicated subjects can be interpreted from the simplest of pieces.

photo 2
3. The most interesting parts of this beauty by Sarah Jamieson are the layers and their balance. I also like how there’s a variety of textures all neatly stowed away.

4. This chaotic yet peaceful work of art is by Like William Studio. I enjoy the way the pattern subtly fades into the background. It’s quite the lovely piece to say the least.

Enjoyed these? Share them with someone you think might enjoy them as well. Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. It is like cloud watching ! (I wish I had come up with that ! ).Except with cloud watching when the shape changes to something else that shape is gone. With these paintings you never know if you’re missing something that’s staring at you. That’s hypnotic !. . . And it challenges the intellect visually.


      1. Right! That’s what I was trying to say. It’s definitely humbling when people say what I am trying to seay better than I.(smile)


  2. First I thought; Oh, nice pastel colors. I like that, but my wife doesn’t like art tat you have to explain. Then when I sat back in my chair, I saw a woman who dissappeared, and a cat and another cat or fox face and the woman re-appearedand, another animal,a cow’s body? a lamp shade? Am I going crazy or what? That’s it I’ve had enough. but I like the others too.



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