12 Challenges to Get Your Creativity Flowing

12 Challenges to Get Your Creativity Flowing on Jung Katz Art Blog

As an artist, it’s common to get a creative block from time to time. Here are a few fun tasks to get your creativity flowing, and get you producing some new and interesting ideas. Do them by yourself or with someone else -it can be pretty entertaining to share results.

1. Add as much detail to your piece as possible, while not necessarily making it more realistic.
This is great for creating very textured line work.

2. Draw something, rotate the page, draw something, rotate the page, and so on.
You could make it so the picture still has a top and a bottom, or to where it looks good from any angle. Fill that page up!

3. Draw a picture without picking up your pen or pencil so it’s just one continuous line.
Kind of like an Etch-a-Sketch, but with smoother curves.

4. Draw with two hands at once.
If you’d really like a challenge, mix this one with number 3.

5. Draw with your non-dominant hand.
Or maybe switch back and forth between both hands.

6. Try drawing with your eyes closed.
Or only draw parts of it with your eyes closed.

7. Try drawing with another artist, taking turns drawing a very abstract but detailed picture.
Don’t draw too much of any one part during a single turn. Keep it simple and (maybe) establish what’s being drawn so the other person will know what they’re adding to later. This is similar to the process used by the artists of Fart Collective.

8. Illustrate a part of your favorite story as you see it in your head.
Preferably one that doesn’t already have pictures associated with it. Think books, legends, or a story a friend told that has really stuck with you.

9. Try creating your work in a different style for once.
Pick a style, any style. Maybe even mix elements of two very different styles together.

10. Find some new inspiration.
Look for new artists or a new subject matter to inspire new ideas.

11. Do something unexpected.
When you’re working on something, think: what is the complete opposite of what I am creating here, and incorporate some of that, whatever it may be, to get an interesting twist.

12. Try a new medium.
Try ceramics, paper-mâché, polymer clay, or photo manipulation- anything that’s new to you!

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  1. I really like your suggestions to get ones artistic juices running again. Sometimes I take a series of photos and look for the emotional link between me and the photos and start with that! Or it could be something on the news that has really fired me up and I do a quick sketch of what comes into my head that relates back to what I have see and heard….Karen


    1. Ooh! Those are good ones! Raw emotion can definitely be a very powerful tool. I’m going to have to try drawing the next time I get fired up. It sounds like a great way to channel negative energy, almost therapeutic. Thanks for sharing. :)


      1. You are right…I forgot about this fact…that it is a way of channelling negative energy. At times I find myself saying ‘how about doing a piece about some positive energy’! I am working currently on a piece which has a very positive vibe!…makes me happy when I am working on it…Karen



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