Featured Finds: Wood is Good

1. This journal by M-Square Press and Design is heirloom worthy. I can’t think of a better and more timeless beauty to write your life story in and pass down to the grandkids someday.

2. This couch arm wrap by Bliss Craft and Brazen is not only practical but stylish and simplistic as well. I could seriously use one of these, for I’m always trying to balance glasses and bowls on the side of my chair when I’m eating.

3. It’s amazing what Iumi Design does with wood. All of their lights are true originals in their geometric splendor.

4. Dylan Grey does a wonderful job of highlighting just how beautiful a raw slab of wood is without a million unnecessary modifications.

5. This shelf by Design by Stanford is easily the coolest shelf I have ever seen. It boggles my mind as to how someone came up with such an ingenious yet functional design for a shelf. Bravo.

6. There’s so many things about these glasses by WOOED that I love: the interesting shape, the dark wood on top of the light, and the fact that they’re crafted from wood, of course.

7. The detail in these iPhone cases by SVNTY is spectacular. I am particularly fond of the darker stained ones.

8. Light Cookie has so many cool hanging lights on Etsy. I never would have guessed that an uncovered light bulb could look so good, or even so modern.


All that can be done with wood is truly impressive. We need more creative woodworkers like these talented artists in the world to take advantage of such a renewable material. Feel free to share with someone you think might appreciate these wooden wonders and be sure to comment! We’d love to hear from you and I’m sure they would as well.

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