Featured Finds: Floral Trends Just in Time for Summer

floral trends
1. Forget a bouquet, just decorate my tables with flower mandalas such as this amazing one by the blog At The Butterfly Ball. What a clever way to challenge yourself or just to get into art in general.

2. This amazing floral trend is brought to us by the incredible blogger Justina Blakeney. Feel free to create your own and check out many more similar creations under the hashtag #FaceTheFoliage. Once more flowers start popping up this summer, I’ve got to try this – and maybe on the beach with seashells too.

floral trends
3. This elegant flower crown is by the Etsy shop Which Goose and the amazing photograph is by Yuna Leonard.

4. Who would have known that temporary tattoos could be so gorgeous? Obviously Pepper Ink on Etsy did. It’s so beautiful I wish it was more like a semi-permanent tattoo. That would be pretty awesome.

floral trends
5. Another floral tattoo. What can I say, temporary tattoos of flowers is probably one of my favorite floral trends. This is only one of many amazing pieces of artwork by the very talented Oana Befort on Etsy.

6. This blanket by the Etsy shop Gypsya is ridiculously amazing. I can only image how much time it took to sew. Absolutely incredible.

floral trends
7. A purely genius way to mix technology with nature. This gem is by the Etsy shop Tasteful Tatters and makes for the perfect summer cell phone case.

8. Picking out just one beauty by the Etsy shop Spotted Dog Asheville was beyond difficult. There are so many amazing rings to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

There you have it, the latest and greatest in floral trends. Then again, I don’t know if flowers could ever get old. Any other noteworthy floral trends that you can think of? Let me know in the comments below and share with anyone you know who would love these beauties.


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