Sunday Recap – The Week of June 9th in Art News


A Sunday recap on a Wednesday? Yes. The site has been undergoing some maintenance work lately so we haven’t been able to post as regularly as we usually do. Instead of foregoing the weekly recap altogether, we moved it to today seeing as how there’s too many great articles from around the web to just keep to ourselves. That wouldn’t be very nice so here you go. Enjoy!

Monday 6/9
Art Collectors Need to Keep Cool as Temperatures Rise
Photographer Captures Surreal Pagan Rituals Still Practiced Today

Wednesday 6/11
One Daughter’s Response To Her Mother’s Death, Captured In Stunning Keepsake Photos
Floating Charcoal Sculptures Explore The Complex Relationship Between Man And Nature
This Is The Claymation Rap Video You Never Knew You Needed

Thursday 6/12
Artist Filling In City’s Massive Potholes With Mosaics
The iPhone Photography Awards Are Here! And Yes, These Were Taken With A Smart Phone
Mesmerizing Nudes Show A Softer Side Of America’s Darkest Street Photographer (NSFW)
This Is (Maybe) A Trailer For The New Banksy Documentary ‘Better Out Than In’

Friday 6/13
‘Art of Ringo Starr’ goes on view at Stone Harbor gallery, then heads to A.C.
Your Definitive Guide To Reading A Piece Of Abstract Art
This Sprawling ‘Mud Mural’ Is Helping Change The Lives Of Indian Schoolkids
Watch The Dying Art Of Neon Sign-Making In Hong Kongs

Sunday 6/15
Art looted by the Nazis could be hiding in plain sight on the walls of Europe’s great museums

Google Art Project

Anything incredible that we missed? Leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.


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