Sunday Recap – the Week of June 2nd in Art News

Here’s the best art news articles from around the web this past week!

Monday 6/2
Video Artist Creates Dreamy Worlds Using Vine
Photo Series Constructs Symmetrical Faces To Test Traditional Notions Of Beauty

Tuesday 6/3
Art Imitates Life: Replica of Van Gogh’s Ear Created From Live Cells
Profound Portraits Of Young Agender Individuals Challenge The Male/Female Identity

Wednesday 6/4
India’s First Street Art Fest and the Largest Gandhi Portrait Ever
New Technology Could Save Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vanishing Portrait
Meet The Scientist Growing Celebrity Portraits Out Of Bacteria
Tattooed Porcelain Dolls Offer An Alternative Way Of Viewing The Feminine Body

Thursday 6/5
We’ve got nothing. so instead, enjoy this slightly older post. You won’t regret it. Fat Cat Invades Classical Art And The Results Are Glorious

Friday 6/6
Meet The Photographer Who’s Spent 35 Years Capturing The Beauty Of Transgender Individuals
Banksy Mural Shows Up At ‘Antiques Roadshow’, Values At Over Half Of A Million Dollars

Hope everyone had a wonderful International Donut Day, and best friend and oceans day or whatever they were. I had no idea this week was going to be so festive. Let us know which art news articles you liked best in the comments below!


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