Featured Finds: Colorful and Bright Abstract Art

Colorful Abstract Paintings

1. This colorful and bright abstract art piece is by Elizabeth Chapman. I love the way the colors meet in the middle. It almost looks like a landscape with a little house on the left. One of the things I enjoy most about abstract art is all the different ways there are to interpret the same piece.

2. Julia Di Sano, Owner/Artist of Ebi Emporium‘s piece is so colorful and bright. It’s otherworldly like a land in a Dr. Seuss book. I see explosions, balloons, and clouds.

Abstract Art
3. The layers on this painting by Abstract Art M is unlike any of the other paintings. I find it interesting how well they were able to keep the colors from blending while piling them atop one another, as well as how the background starts to absorb the layers as they fall to the bottom.

4. It’s a day at the beach in this beauty by Ivy Corner Gifts, or so that’s the feeling it instills within me. This one also does an interesting job with layering and blending. Who would’ve guessed that you could find such stunning fine art on Etsy?

Colorful Abstract Art
5. This fun piece by Lisa Mathewson Art is awe-inspiring. Not only do I enjoy how much the minimal color brings to the piece, but how much is going on in the white background. I also enjoy how the white resurfaces again at the top to add pattern to the color and to push it back a bit.

6. How’s this for colorful and bright abstract art? The shapes, the colors, the little splats of gray to calm the chaos down a bit. This painting by Jea Paints is perfectly imperfect in every way. It’s quite the statement piece to say the least.

Bright Abstract Art
7. This piece by Lani Light is interesting in that the colors are hardly layered, instead they fit together almost as a puzzle. Sometimes in a piece it’s the color that pops, but in this one, I’d definitely say it’s the black lines and details that make it so original.

8. This bold beauty is by Pamela M. You know someone is talented when they can make something so simple, still so original; I’m in awe.


Give it up for our incredibly talented featured artists! I hope you enjoyed all this colorful and bright abstract art, because there’s a part two with more amazing abstract artwork to here!


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