Featured Finds: Unique Jewelry

unique jewelry
1. Metal AND lace? These are a force to be reckoned with. These statement earrings by EPUU are not only incredibly lovely, but look as though they would be incredibly light for their size.

2. These earrings by Neile are ingeniously up-cycled from naturally expired butterflies. I can only imagine how beautifully light reflects off of the iridescent butterfly wings. The colors are amazing. If these aren’t unique jewelry, I don’t know what is.

unique jewelry
3. What a clever way to craft such a stunning necklace. This unique jewelry piece by An Astrid Endeavor is awe-inspiring. So simplistic, yet so bold.

4. This incredible beaded heart is by Nepinka and is said to be inspired by Victorian floral embroidery. Just when you think flowers can’t get more beautiful, you see them beaded and next to a heart.

unique jewelry
5. When I look at these pendants by I am A Bird, I’m flabbergasted as to how she even came up with the idea to make these. In some of her other pieces you can even see a shadow casted from behind the illustration. She uses layers in such a unique way, and it’s great how the necklace is also an illustration.

6. I love collar necklaces and I love lace, so this necklace by Branch Bound was an instant hit with me. The way the flowers pile up on each other is lovely.


There’s plenty more unique jewelry that came from, so go check out these shops! Seriously, they are all amazing. If you like one of these items, you’ll like everything else that shop makes too. Trust me. You’ve just stumbled upon a goldmine, my friend. Good luck finding anything even remotely close to these beauts anywhere else. This is why I love handmade: they may not be actual jewels, but they sure are all gems.

Liked these? Good, I’m glad. Share this post and you’ll make me even happier. Also, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below.




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