Sunday Recap – The Week of May 26th in Art News

I hope everyone had a restful yet productive weekend! To end the week, we thought we would bring you art news links from across the web on the latest and greatest.

Monday 5/26
Striking Photos Of Muay Thai Boxers Capture The Softer Side Of Masculinity

Tuesday 5/27
This Is Conrad Hayer, A Man Who Made Photographic History At 103 Years Old
Erotic Art vs. Pornography. Graffiti Art vs. Vandalism.
Take A Peek At The ‘FriendsWithYou’ Book, The Happiest Art Book Ever Created

Wednesday 5/28
Rest in peace, Maya Angelou Remembering a life of relentless creativity.

Thursday 5/29
The World’s Most Infamous Unmade Bed Is Up For Auction For $2 Million
John Lennon book art, poems going to auction
Illuminated Shipyard Cranes Transform Into Glowing Origami Dancers

Friday 5/30
There’s A Human-Sized Birdcage In LA, And It Wants You To Climb On It
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dada Master Marcel Duchamp



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