19 Things That Make Being an Artist Totally Worth It

19 Things That Make Being an Artist Totally Worth It on Jung Katz Art Blog

So despite all the crap artists are put through, there are still a lot of things that make it all worth it.

1. The enjoyment you get from just making something.
Other than cake.

2. Having a creative/emotional outlet.
Other than Instagram filters.

3. Something to focus on to help you de-stress.
Clay is good for that.

4. Being yourself and creating self-expression.
Other than painting your face.

5. Someone saying you made that?! with disbelief.
Stop! You’re making me blush.

6. Strangers going out of their way to compliment your work.
Especially on the internet, because no one on the internet is nice.

7. People thinking even your mediocre work is good.
Oh, this old thing?

8. Being able to make one-of-a-kind items.
It’s like a one-of-a-kind making a one-of-a-kind.

9. Creating something more permanent.
“I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo.

10. Your mom still showing people your work at the age of 25.
Even when your work is of boogers, like Joey’s.

11. Someone who you’ve never shown your art knowing that you’re talented.
Your reputation precedes you!

12. Still being able to get away with making presents.
Heck yeah, I made that cheerio necklace!

13. Something you made being someone’s favorite thing.
It’s almost like you’re their favorite thing. Aw.

14. Finding out that a friend from high school still has that drawing you made them.
Even if it is horrible.

15. Seeing a little kid’s face when you draw the best cartoon dog ever.
It’s like you’re Disneyland. Well, maybe Goofy.

16. Passing on the love of art to others.
By showing them your own work or teaching them something new.

17. Being told you’ve inspired someone.
Which in return inspires you even more.

18. Knowing that people you have never met have items from you in their homes.
You can make homemade gifts for people, and now others can give your items as gifts as well.

19. Hoping and dreaming about what it could all one day lead to.
Even though the journey is a reward in itself.

Like this list? Share it! Got one to add to the mix? Comment! We’d love to hear from you.


  1. All wonderful reasons, but #10 has to be the best. I’m double that age and my Mom still wears and shows my work. Now that’s priceless.



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