Featured Finds: Color Me Pretty

Etsy Shop Featured Finds

purple hair

1. These pink lip collar clips by Sweet and Lovely are beyond sweet and lovely. Now I just need to find where to get that shirt to go with them!

2. This little blue zine by Danadamki is far too cute. As an adult, I get too few coloring books; I would’ve much rather got this for my 21st birthday.

Blue Lips and Purple Shoes

3. Fierce Magenta has some of the craziest and awesome lip colors in the known universe. Seeing the beauty of this blue lipstick makes me wonder why it isn’t more common place.

4. Golden Ponies again! They have some of the classiest styles of shoes in the most fun colors.

5. I love these moon face pendants, and really everything else in this Etsy store. The style is so quirky but so sweet.
6. This wooden black bird taxidermy sculpture is awesome. I love the way the lines change color throughout.
7. This pink resin cocktail ring is quite the statement piece. The flecks of silver are gorgeous.


Love these amazing finds as much I as I do? Show your support and share!



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