6 Different Ways to Promote Your Brand For Cheap

6 Different Ways to Promote Your Brand For Cheap on Jung Katz Art Blog

Having people who love your work just isn’t good enough if you can’t stay connected to them and remind them that you’re still here. If you want to make money as an artist, you need to start fostering a supportive community of followers and fans. Here are some ways to get your name out there as an artist or creative business and get people to follow you.

1. Send out free promotional items with orders
Maybe give out a small silk-screened patches or pin-back buttons with your brand name artistically displayed so that people would want to wear them. Or (the cheaper option) invest in some business cards. You can get 250 for only $10 with free shipping at Vistaprint. That’s as cheap as 4 cents per card- simply add an extra 4 cents into your pricing to make up for it if you have to. People may not be able to wear your business card, but at least they’ll have a quick reference to your social media links.

2. While you’re at it, sneak a brief thank you note in there.
It’s like another form of a business card, just a bit more personal. You could even print your own stationary out- try to fit multiple cards on one page to save money (and trees!)

3. Do a giveaway. Or better yet, a partnered giveaway!
Find another artist or Etsy shop with a similar-sized following and demographic,  and ask them about teaming up to do a giveaway together! Two shops, one lucky winner, and twice the publicity. If you use Rafflecopter, you can even opt for people to earn more entries by doing such actions as liking your Facebook page.

4. Provide some incentive
Make people want to follow along. Start a newsletter with exclusive content such as coupon codes, private giveaways, and a free printable from time to time. Or maybe offer a free gift or free shipping with orders over a certain amount. You could even put coupon codes in with orders to encourage repeat business.

5. Network with some artists
Ask them if it’s okay if you can share their work as inspiration on your blog. Maybe you’ll catch them when they’re feeling generous and they’ll offer to share yours as well.

6. Create fan art
It gives people something specific to search for to find your art, and you can tweet your creations to the original creator of the show, movie,  comic, etc. This can result in a retweet and be seen by their many followers. Just don’t go selling the fanart without permission.

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  1. I’m not at that stage of selling my artwork yet but these are great ideas. I noticed that the artists with whom I have regular dealings, do everything that you recommend as well. Great list!



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