10 Types of People You Should Never Take Artistic advice From

10 Types of People You Should Never Take Artistic advice From on Jung Katz Art Blog

As an artist, you’ve probably had your fair share of unsolicited advice from any number of people, most of whom probably don’t even know a thing about art. We’ve compiled a list of the people that you should never take any sort of artistic guidance from.

1. People with bad tattoos.
I might be more forgiving if they got it ten years ago but stay away from the guy currently getting a Bart Simpson tattoo that he thought of while waiting to get tattooed.

2. People who say, “look what I painted!” without telling you it was a paint-by-numbers painting.
Even though it’s all too obvious.

3. People who don’t know how to make the color brown.
Even though they’ve made it before with food dye in a kitchen mishap.

4. People who don’t even know what the primary colors are.
Not to mention what each color’s complementary color is. This is basic stuff, people.

5. People with bad penmanship.
If they can’t write their name legibly, then chances are that they can’t draw either.

6. People who can’t even draw a circle.
And it looks more like a teardrop that’s connected by two intersecting lines.

7. People who haven’t even used a pencil since high school.
Enough said.

8. People who never have anything nice to say.
Why even show them anything if they’re just going to hate it?

9. People who, if they don’t like your work, they’d never tell you.
Yeah, they’re nice and all, but they probably aren’t the person to go to for constructive criticism.

10. Finally, people who say these things to you.
Oh, and these too.

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